Easy to Use

Create quickly a database for your experiment. Load your recordings in the database, and tag them with various information : date, stimulation protocol, used pharmacology etc... Now you can use SynaptiQs to navigate and analyze across multiple files or condition without manipulating the original files


SynaptiQs is able to execute home-made python scripts. You can easily access and modify all the  software variables, add menus or even whole modules to perfom advanced analyses.


SynaptiQs is developped and tested under Windows (Windows 7 x32 and x64) and Linux (Kubuntu 11.04). It should work on most recent configurations.

Same Data, Multiple Users

By using a MySQL server, you can access your data from multiple computer, or by multiple users. The use of a server for sharing data also make easier the backup. However, data can still be stored in a local SQLite file.

SynaptiQs is a electrophysiology analysis freeware, written in PyQt by Antoine Valera. It's main purpose is to allow the analysis of recordings using SQL databases. The freeware uses OpenElectrophy to import the data or perform Spikesorting.

The use of databases instead of multiple files will allow you to make much-more complex analyses, without the need or re-opening or concatenatating multiple files. For more information or a concrete examples, see "Why to use a database" page.

The python language is a flexible object-oriented language. With matplotlib, numpy and scipy libraries, the freeware is perfectly adapted to scientific analysis.  For more information or ressources, see "Python programming".


SynaptiQs is available on GitHub

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